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Exploring Masculinity and Men’s Groups in Prague October, 2018

Raise your hand if you can read this book cover! I couldn’t, and it’s my book. The book is “Breaking the Male Code.” It was picked up by psychologist Martin Jara and published in the Czech Republic. Martin and I … Continue reading

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Preventing Gun Violence: Step 1

Psychologist and historian, Lloyd deMause (1) points out that boys’ problems with aggression and lack of impulse control is more connected to the lack of tender nurturance, physical touch and verbal cooing they receive as infants rather than testosterone levels … Continue reading

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#1 Men’s Friendships Today  When I was a boy, I was fascinated by Greek mythology, stories about heroes -some with superpowers -and the bold lessons of courage and daring they portrayed. One of my favorites was of Damon and Pythias, … Continue reading

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About the Blog

What’s on a Man’s Mind is an online discussion about men, masculinities and friendship.  Let me know what it’s like for you to be a guy in today’s world. What’s working in your life? What are the stresses you face as … Continue reading

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