How I Approach Therapy

I believe that a healthy person is a whole person, one who can fully engage with the physical, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions of their life. As we better appreciate these parts of ourselves, we gain a sense of vitality and peace. For me, it is an honor to guide individuals on this journey.

I bring together a variety of approaches in my therapy practice, including  insight-oriented and experiential methods, as well as cognitive-behavioral  and mindfulness techniques.  Because I believe that important relationships are our most powerful emotional resources, I work directly with couples and other family members in order to evoke and extend the healing process of therapy. Among my goals are to help people identify and repair emotional wounds, develop resilience and build on their strengths. When emotional pain becomes overwhelming, I am able to prescribe medications to help relieve suffering and help a person to feel more stable.

I believe, too, that optimal healing “takes a village” – that we flourish when others who  love and care for us are involved in the process. In that spirit, I collaborate often with other therapists and health professionals, when appropriate and with my patients’ permission. My perspective is that your healthcare providers can give you better care  when they are speaking with each other, and when they are helping you to better connect with your loved ones.



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