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What’s on a Man’s Mind

is an online discussion about men, masculinities and friendship.  Let me know what it’s like for you to be a guy in today’s world. What’s working in your life? What are the stresses you face as a guy?  If you are a woman, you are warmly invited to respond as well.

The rules for men are changing today, and this can be confusing. Yesterday’s code for manliness was different. Open and vulnerable versus strong and in control? What’s the right direction? What are the messages from women, our partners and our children about what they expect from us? How about other guys? What can we count on in our male friendships?

Weigh in on these issues, here and now.



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3 Responses to About the Blog

  1. larry hirschhorn says:

    I would be interested in talking with folks about men retiring- or semi-retiring. what happens when we stop “bringing home the bacon” of for those who are Jewish, the “bread.”

  2. David says:

    Well at least I can still add
    Am tired of being tired at the age of 60
    Interestingly the old push push push anxiety is finding push back in post 60 tiredness coupled with what I hope is a healthy entitlement (do I really have to keep pushing? Don’t I get to stop pushing so much?)

    Anybody else feel this way?

  3. Deborah Wunnicke says:

    I have always enjoyed men, boys, the y chromosome.
    It is likely because I had a big brother who cared for me, taught me harmony (in both a musical sphere and get-a-long way) and he wanted to know what was going on in my life.
    I think that was rare. My younger brother learned well and is emotionally forthcoming. It is easy for me to talk to men about what they care about and what they are concerned about. I sometimes sense that I need to preface these conversations with a vow of silence that I also honor. I am always surprised by the depth of emotion expressed by men, maybe even more so than with women.

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