What Brings You In

As a therapist, people come to see me for a wide range of issues and challenges that include:

  • Life transitions, such as young adults leaving home, marriage, birth of children, choosing, losing or changing careers, retirement.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Intimate relationship issues, such as commitment, communication, and infidelity.
  • Marital separation, divorce, and remarriage.
  • Family relationship issues, including those with parents, children, siblings and in-laws.
  • Addictions, including drug, alcohol, sex and gambling.
  • Chronic illness, grief and loss

What I Can Provide For You

Individual Therapy

I work with individual clients ages 15 and up. My goal is to promote personal growth through increased emotional awareness, new life skills, along with positive behavior changes and expanded insight.  I put a high priority on establishing a safe and trusting relationship with each client.


Couples Therapy

I work with partners  to help improve communication skills and create more intimacy. This involves creating an atmosphere of safety and helping each partner learn to openly express feelings, listen to the other with empathy, and resolve differences more calmly and effectively.

Family Therapy

At times, getting all the family members together is the most effective way to resolve a problem. This may be useful when people suffer major losses, such as a divorce or death, when there is disruption caused by developmental changes, or with problems such as addiction or violence. Family work can take place via regularly scheduled meetings with family members, or occasionally, as a part of individual or couples therapy.

Men’s Groups

Many men struggle with psychotherapy because it seems at odds with the traditional male values of “solving it yourself” and stifling vulnerable feelings. I run therapy groups called “Friendship Labs” to help men bridge this gap. These groups emphasize developing emotional intimacy skills as a key aspect of healthy masculinity. The goals are to strengthen men’s relationships with each other, deepen their other important relationships at home and at work, and to enhance their progress in other concurrent therapies.


I prescribe mood-altering medications when appropriate,  to alleviate suffering and to facilitate the overall healing process. I also conduct occasional medication consultations  for non-medical colleagues and their patients.

Workshops and Presentations

I regularly give presentations and workshops on such topics as therapeutic men’s groups, male emotional intimacy and men’s friendships.  I also present to professionals on the therapeutic alliance with couples and families, and on how to help families address such challenges as serious illness, divorce or remarriage.

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